Book Review: ABC is for Circus by Patrick Hruby

[Book cover for ABC is for Circus]
ABC is for Circus by Patrick Hruby
(Ammo Books 2010) is a beautiful book, designed to enjoy with a child, if he lets you.

The clear, vivid colors and enchanting designs in this chunky board book are delightful for children of any age.

Acrobats amaze. The Big Top towers above animals, audience and all the action. A Daredevil aims himself and waits in sharp contrast against dark circus silhouettes.

This book is designed for young children to grasp and turn pages to see each letter, from A to Z. Imaginative and cheerful images of circus life fill each page.

I love the colors and designs of this book. The images evoke memories of attending live circus performances, with none of the crowds. A wealth of lines, details, bright colors and interesting contrasts provide a visual feast. I think my small grandchildren would enjoy this book. I know I did.

Disclosure: I reviewed a digital galley of this book from the publisher through NetGalley. There was no obligation to give a positive review. I am not an affiliate and did not receive compensation. Views expressed here are my own.

What children's books have you enjoyed reading?


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