How to Read a .pdf eBook on a Kindle

I'm getting to know my way around my new Kindle.

Did you know you can read free .pdf eBooks on your Kindle? 

While I was looking for free eBooks on the Web, I found a Kindle tip that was easy to do.

Read .pdf eBook on Kindle

How? Email the .pdf to ("YourAmazonAccountName" Amazon processes the file so you can use it on your Kindle. You'll get an email when it is done. Then you can transfer the file to your Kindle wirelessly by Whispernet or download the file to your computer and transfer it by a USB.

This tip works.  But don't be fooled. Although it looks like a Kindle eBook, you can't change the text size or use other familiar Kindle features. Instead, there is a set of document features you can use. (That may be a future blog post.)

I wanted to change text size, so I went looking for more tips. This time on Amazon's Kindle pages.

Convert a .pdf eBook

I found I could use Kindle's text size features if I converted the .pdf file. And the steps to do this were the same as before, only type Convert in the subject line.

The conversion process didn't take long. The eBook's special indented formatting was lost, but all the Kindle features I wanted to use worked great.

With so many eBooks available now, it's good to know two ways to read .pdf eBooks on a Kindle.

Have you read an book on a digital reader? What tips on readers or features can you share?  Please share in the Comments.


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