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Sharing lives and homes across generations

It's not uncommon for families to live together.

When a baby comes home from the hospital, he may move into a home with two parents and older siblings. Aunts and uncles, grandparents -- relatives and family friends -- all welcome him. They hold him and cherish him, when they can, if only during short visits from across town or from across the country.

Babies around the world grow up in a multi-generational home.

In recent decades in our country, boot-camp or college dorm-life may be a young adult's first immersion in a predominately single-generation living experience. It's become part of the American Dream for many young people to grow up and become separate financially and socially from their parents and grandparents. They move out and on to set up their own apartments or homes. And many may someday embrace a new generation in their lives and homes.

This wasn't always how families expected to live. In many eras and locations, generations shared lives and homes. And …

Author Interview: Deliver Me From Evil, by Kathi Macias

How did you come up with the idea for Deliver Me From Evil and the Freedom series?

It actually came out of a phone conversation with Andrea Mullins, the publisher at New Hope. We were discussing the Extreme Devotion series (about the persecuted Church), which I was still working on at the time, and we began to consider topics for a second series. Andrea was the one who suggested human trafficking, and it really struck a chord with me. The more I researched it and worked on the proposal, the more excited I became about joining forces with others working to abolish modern-day slavery, which is exactly what human trafficking is.

What was your favorite scene to write in Deliver Me From Evil?

This book/series has been the most difficult I’ve ever written, simply because the subject matter is so dark and heavy. More than once I had to walk away and clear my thoughts before moving on from one scene to another. But interspersed between the heartache and tragedy are several lighter…

Changing with the changes

So many changes have been happening, I've neglected posting to this blog. I hope to change that pattern. And soon.

Lately, I've been adjusting to going back to work. Good changes in this economy.

Thanks for your patient understanding with me and this blog during a time of many changes.