Home by the Esh family (reprise)

This was a popular post. The music of the Esh family ministers to my heart still.

What's so good about Good Friday for Christians? Jesus opened death's doorway, so we could find the heart of God, our home.

Eight members of the Esh family went Home after dying in last month's crash on Interstate 65 in central Kentucky. Read their story.

The song with the lyrics:

Thank you, Shirley Brosius, for sharing the Esh family's story of faith. God gives beauty for ashes.

When I was growing up, home wasn't so much a single place since we moved around so much. Home was the feelings of joy I felt when I was with the people I loved. That was particularly true when our children were small. Now that the children have left home and extended family live far away, times when we can be together are brief.

In the life yet to be, home will be all it was meant to be. It will be beyond amazing.

Do you have a favorite memory of home?


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