Speaking a truth that heals

I was surprised to hear Sheila Walsh, well-known Christian singer, speaker and writer, talk about her struggles with depression on a Focus on the Family broadcast some time ago.

I didn't know she struggled with this.

She admitted it hurt her pride to choose to take medication for a chronic mental health condition some people would not understand. Part of her motivation to continue taking it was the look in her son's eyes one day. She wanted to be a good mother, not a crazy mother. She was convinced the medication helped her to be a better mother.

She likened treating chronic clinical depression with medication to Christians wearing glasses or taking insulin.Would we condemn these corrective measures and say these people needed more faith? Some might.

What of our Christian leaders? They're held to a higher standard.

Sheila is in Christian ministry. A very public, used-of-God place. She called it a good place to "hide" in her shame for a long time. She could talk the talk, help others and remain hidden within her tall self-isolating walls of silence, keeping others from really knowing her. 

Now she publicly shares the truth of her own reality and her struggle with depression. And she still talks of God's wonders. Her voice on the broadcast was a voice of faith, sometimes tinged with pain. A truth speaking voice that I believe honors God.

Does taking the "happy" pill diminish a believer's testimony of God's goodness?

Not for me. Not for God who loves the broken. He offers perfect grace. Perfect love to cover us as we are, not so we can hide within his shelter, but so we can share healing truth with one another.

Why do we let fear keep us silent? Might not God be glorified when we speak truth that heals?

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