Perspectives: Hope sees God at work

Perspectives: Hope sees God at work.
In his easy-to-read book, Transformed by Tough Times, Steve Reed offers answers and hope for those who suffer.

That's just about everyone, isn't it?

Have you ever wondered: Why do we suffer? Where is God? Can any good come from this?

Reed explores these questions and many others in his book, Transformed by Tough Times. Reed shares from his own experiences and the lives of people we may know and some we don't -- C.S. Lewis, Joni, Jim Elliott, Job, and many others. Touches of humor and a very down-to-earth style help make this book readable. And stories. Lots of stories of real people and real problems.

This book is good company for those who travel along the suffering trail. It covers familiar ground and adds some new perspectives and insights on difficult questions and hard-to-get-through situations.

The author offers practical help and hope so tough times can be easier to bear.

As you may know if you've been reading this blog, my mother recently died. I found spending time reading this book a good companion on the journey.

I'm not completely done yet with this journey -- my mother died a month ago. Some days I'm less calm about things. More irritable. I want to be steadfast through the storms of life in sequoia ways, strong and dignified ways. Not flapping in the storm like a scarecrow.

Perspectives matter. Spending time in an awareness of God's presence helps me regain perspective. When frustrations, irritations and sadness clutter my mind and heart. I need time to sort things out. Time to focus on God's presence at work in all things, including me. Then, once again, the fruits of love, hope and peace can thrive in the shelter of God's love.

And even when tough times have not fully passed, hope sees God at work.

Please leave a comment. If you have read Transformed by Tough Times by Steve Reed, I hope you share something that helped you. Or, if you want to share things you've learned from tough times you've experienced, please share by leaving a comment.


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