How do you tend barren places scorched with shame?

We all have places shame has scorched. Maybe we hide an abandoned patch behind a carefully manicured façade. Maybe shame is searing new territory in our lives.


I could write a while on this, but I want you to read what a fellow blogger has to say in his recent post. He shares from his heart and his pain... and his peace. He tends his shame by inviting God in these places. He tends shame with God's help and finds peace:
May God inhabit our barren places that have been scorched with shame. May we find the refreshing joy of his forgiveness, acceptance, and restoration. May new life spring up once and for all. -- Ed Cyzewski
God can be trusted with our shame. He tends our truth -- the joys and pain of it -- not with condemnation, but with love.

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Why we need to take our shame to God by  Ed Cyzewski


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