What saved your faith?

I’m joining the synchroblog for the release of A Christian Survival Guide: A Lifeline to Faith and Growth by answering the prompt: "What saved my faith?"

Truthfully, for me? God's faithfulness to keep at work in my life saved my faith during times when life events left me feeling broken in too many pieces to fix. And my faith seemed spilled out among the chards, unrecoverable. I'd ask the silence, Where are you, God?

Because I've found that God is real and he keeps his promises, I'm still on this life journey, believing, grateful.

Ultimately I don't believe it is my faith in God that keeps me going, it is his commitment to love me and be at work within me that endures in good times and in bad. He saves the faith he planted in me whenever it is threatened by times of darkness, disaster or drought.

Are there specific things one can do to participate in saving a faltering faith? Of course.Reading the Bible, the Word of God, meeting or interacting with other believers -- these actions are like beams of light in dark places or water in the parched desert. God works through these practices to restore perspective and revive faith.

Prayer is another practice that changes not only situations, but more importantly our hearts and minds. My faith has been beaten up by seemingly unanswered prayers only to be strengthened through God's silences and eventual answers.

Finally, obedience to God's ways is important. Although God is faithful to forgive us when we confess our wrongs, more of God's blessings are activated by obedience to His ways. God's ways are for our benefit, so we can live an amazing life with faith intact. In contrast, journeying through life in violation of God's ways is undertaking off roading paths that can lead to great pain.

There is more that could be written, but these are the important lifeguard and lifelines I've found to sustaining a living faith.

How about you? Please leave a comment to one of the following questions: What saved your faith? Or, if that question doesn't seem relevant, what is saving your faith? Or, what do you think could save your faith?

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