Messages of Love, ephemeral, eternal

Love Skywriting Forever stamp
USPS stock photo
You may have seen cancelled Love Skywriting Forever stamps on letters and packages. These commemorative stamps issued by the United States Postal Service are the latest in a series that celebrate the popular topic of Love.

This stamp issue adds a unique typography twist to the four letters that spell "Love" by using a small plane and skywriting on a partly cloudy sky.

Skywriting is a technology that has been around for decades. Pilots use small planes to write messages in the sky by mixing paraffin oil with smoky plane exhaust. When this mixture spills from the plane, it leaves scrawled marks in the sky. Skilled pilots maneuver aircraft so letters are formed and can be read by people below.

Skywriting is not witnessed as often as it was during the 1930s to 1950s. Today, communicators use other techniques and technology to send messages.

Prior to the man-made invention of skywriting, God used more elementary techniques for communicating love to his people. He sent God-inspired prophets, historians, poets, and priests to share the story of God's concern for the well-being and salvation of his people. These messages were written down in the Holy Scriptures.

In addition to these early forms of communication, God employed an unequaled communicator to share his love: Jesus. He healed, taught, and was killed, in obedience to God's redemptive plan. Christians believe God used the spilled blood of Jesus to spread the message of God's unconditional love. Not an ephemeral message that would evaporate; Jesus' sacrificial blood was a redemptive seal of a new covenant that could not be broken or cancelled.

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