When God Doesn't Fix It

This blog has been silent, as you may have noticed, for too long.

I'm in a different place again. Physically and spiritually. Change happens. I still don't have all the answers. Maybe I never will. But, I wanted to chat with you again. So here we go...

Now I live in Washington state, closer to family. We are in the process of moving from Phoenix. So part of us is here: me. Last week my husband David could be here also while he worked remotely. Not this week. Nor the next. We have a house to sell in Phoenix, a job that occupies him, things to fix, things to do. Another day will be different than today's norm. I miss having him around. He plans to be back soon....

As for me, in Washington state, two younger men are getting my attention today. Tuesday is Twin Tuesday. Our youngest grandchildren are almost 5 months old, and I enjoy being their Nana. Tuesdays we hang out. They are napping now, so I'm grabbing a few moments to reflect, and I thought I'd say hi to whoever is out there.

Tuesday I also go to a women's Bible study in the morning. Now that lunch is over, the twins are napping and the house is quiet, my mind is still reflecting on this morning's discussion.  We are reading difficult topics presented in the book "When God Doesn't Fix It," by Laura Story, who shares challenges from her life and her faith journey. Early in her marriage, her husband suffered from a brain tumor. When the doctor's couldn't fix it, complications changed their lives. Everything changed.

Laura isn't afraid to discuss difficult topics. The frank sharing in our group this morning inspires me to chat again. This is a worthy topic for a blog post, so here we are. I hope you will share your thoughts also in the comments (below).

Pain, problems and suffering. Why doesn't God fix it? I don't think any one of us escapes from struggling with a difficult challenge of one kind or another. Some we share in common, some are uniquely ours.

Why must we struggle with weight issues, health problems or finances? Why is it so hard to find a good job or any job? Is it impossible to find someone special who can stick it out and go the distance? Will we ever have our own child? How can we afford to own a home? Will tonight be another quiet dinner alone?

Have you ever wondered, as I have, why God doesn't do something so we can have the lives we want? Why doesn't he just fix ...........(fill in the blank)............ so we can be happy?

What kind of a God is he anyway?

I don't pretend to have all the answers. One thing I know:  God is close to the broken hearted. So very close.

And he cares for his children.

God is with us whether we sense his presence or not. He sticks around. Even when we are all alone, broken, worn out, bloodied and bruised from the battles of life, God doesn't run from our questions or our pain. He goes through it with us. Whatever it is.

What about you?
Is there something you want God to fix? What if God doesn't fix it?


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