Worth. Being. Presence.

I wrote the following blogpost a few years ago when I worked on a contract in Washington, D.C.  Reading this draft again today, the words spoke to my heart. I hope they speak to someone else as well.

Can we value this moment, this season, these scattered
treasures of irreplaceable moments?
Not too far from the Capitol building. Not too far from the Tidal Basin, so beautiful in spring, surrounded by fragile cherry blossoms for a short time.

Not too far from the Old Post Office tower and Smithsonian buildings and grassy Mall. I work in Washington, D.C.

A great city. Beautiful city. With powerful people, somewhere in passing cars or office buildings. Not people I know. Maybe some mingle among the people I see each day, large, small, walking, talking. Federal workers, contractors, subcontractors, business people, servers, security guards, tourists, panhandlers, joggers, students.

So many people. Can each be important in some way? Irreplaceable?

Looking around, it is easy not to feel too important in such a place. Not too powerful. Comparisons are deceptive that way sometimes. And sometimes painfully accurate.

Worth is best based in being, not doing. I've heard that.

That's an intellectual truth I'd like to grasp better in feeling places on grey days.

It takes faith to believe worth comes from something other than a position, title, relationship, paycheck, accomplishments, activities. Until these crumble, one by one, or all at once. Until we see foundational flaws and seek firmer foundations.

So on what enduring truth can worth be based?

Can we really believe worth is based in being? When we look at a baby who can do very little, we may be able to value a baby. But with adults, expectations are higher.

Can we value others, ourselves, just for being? Not on how they treat us or what they do for us, but just because they are?

So then I turn to the one who can, Lord, help me to be more like you.

Can we value this moment, this season, these scattered treasures of irreplaceable moments?

Tulips on green stalks, pansies huddled near the ground, lavender blossoms, flowering dogwood.  Momentary gifts of beauty. Those in the office. A nod. A smile. Small talk. A small task. Today. This season. And so I reach for help to do what I cannot do myself. Lord, help me to value each moment and be grateful.

Someday I'll not walk this route in the morning sunshine. Maybe I'll be doing something more important then. Maybe nothing at all of great notice. And what will be the momentary treasures of that season? Of course there will be something. There usually has been. Even in a hospital room. Even in the oddest places and times. Why not then?

God promised, "Lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world." Can't that be enough? God's value in the here and now? With me? With us?

To be. To be aware. Clues and fingerprints of wonder, of worth, are all around. Here. Now. In others. Inside.


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