Finding God's Blessings in Brokenness, by Charles F. Stanley

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Is it possible? Brokenness and blessing can co-exist? Now that is something worth thinking about on a rainy day in the Pacific Northwest.

In this new book, Finding God's Blessings in Brokenness (on Amazon), Charles Stanley shares insights into the heart of God who allows his children to go though painful times. He asserts: God is powerful. God is good. And God loves us.

So, why do we suffer? And what are the blessings?

These are questions I have wrestled with for years, for myself and for others, who have had painful childhoods or have gone through difficult situations. I'm not content to accept clich├ęs without understanding more. Perhaps you aren't also.

I also want to see good results come from difficult things I have gone through -- I want to see real blessings and not just hear about it being possible. And so I have been wading in God's blessings more. Maybe you're tired of words and want to hug God's blessings close to your hurting heart.

Stanley shows us how.

Stanley writes that God is interested in changing our desires so that we "trust him completely and yield to him fully." It seems strange that suffering can help us do that. But, suffering is a tool that God uses to accomplish purposes and blessings in and through us. He allows us to be broken so we can be blessed.

There are many ways we may experience brokenness -- a loss of someone we love through death, a move or a broken relationship, the loss of a job or our health, or the results of our or someone else's choices.

God's blessings can come in or after a time of brokenness.

Stanley writes that the blessings that come to God's people in difficult times are many -- "fullness of joy, God's unconditional love, or the hope of eternal life with our Lord and Savior . . . experiences of God's power, wisdom, and presence . . . . the inner fruit of Christlike character . . . ."

This is a brief summary of major points of the book that spoke to me. Stanley has much more to say on the subject in his book, Finding God's Blessings in Brokenness: How Pain Reveals His Deepest Love (on In Touch), by Charles F. Stanley.

How about you?

If you could pick one, what blessing  ____?____ have you or someone you know found in or after a difficult situation? Please share a comment. Your words may encourage someone else.


  1. Connie, this is a difficult topic to address. This area can make or break the faith of many. But for those who endure and hold on to Christ - come what may - WOW, the blessings he has are beyond words.

    This is the reason I write! At the near death of my son I saw God bring our family back from the pit of despair. In brokenness I am finding Christ in a real way. His ways are higher even though I may not understand them. Sometimes things have to be broken to be built back the right way.

    Thank you for reminding us that God is in the midst of our brokenness! Sounds like a good read.

    God bless you,
    Callie Daruk


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