Book Review: Never Unfriended

Never Unfriended book cover
Never Unfriended
What if you were to become the friend that you always wanted to have?

What if you chose to model your friendship after God's kindness, commitment and forgiveness for you?

What if you intentionally broke down walls that separate you from others and let new friends see the real you even if it was inconvenient or messy?

What if you could grow a friendship beyond the things that hinder intimacy and become the type of friend who would never unfriend others with a casual swipe of a finger?

In her book, Never Unfriended, Lisa-Jo Baker explores these questions and more, offering compelling reasons and practical tools for investing in friendships that can last. Baker shares wise insights and practiced and true strategies that can initiate and nurture lasting relationships.

I found some of Baker's experiences of betrayal and abandonment by friendships which could not endure through difficult life seasons painful to read. But I was glad that she could explain how she initiated nourish friendships and worked to repair damaged relationships, drawing on wisdom, compassion, and forgiveness God gives to his children by his spirit. He teaches us to love one another in his Word and by his spirit within us.

Because God does not unfriend his children, we can become like him in the way we invite and nourish friendships in our lives. Baker's book can help equip and encourage us to love others in practical ways.

Disclosure: I was given access to an electronic copy of this book for review purposes with the understanding that I would write an honest and independent review.


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