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Gotta Get Them All

Recently, I had the privilege of going to an energetic Pokémon Trainer party where celebrities were in attendance.

The mood was giddy at times and conversations, animated. Although some guests were jumpy.

Decorations appropriate for the occasion festooned the room: balloons with watching eyes and streamers, among them. Marilyn Monroe was unable to attend and sing, so we all chimed in as our musical talents allowed. A small child, Toby, the guest of honor, beamed above a candle-lit Pokémon cake.

Guests seated themselves at long tables. Superman shoveled cake into his mouth with superhuman relish.  Cinderella toyed with dainty bites of cake, more intent, it seemed, to talk quickly with other guests, great and small, than to actually consume calories.

A representative from Star Wars sat in quiet dignity beside other comic characters. And a number of guests in plainclothes munched quietly.

But even casual observers could discern this was no ordinary birthday gathering. Serious business h…