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On Bookmarks

A T-shirt I saw recently proclaimed: Bookmarks are for quitters.

The thought made me smile. There is some truth in that.

As a sometimes contrarian, I would like to respond with another true thing:

The Word of God is best savored over repeated interrupted nibblings.

As many times as I read something like today's passage "Hatred stirs up quarrels but love covers all offenses (Proverbs 10:12), I still find it takes more thought and more prayerful readings to know how to live out something that sounds simple. I might need to read this again tomorrow or next year. When I pick up this uncommon book again and again through the decades of my life, my hope is someday another life-enhancing truth will finally grow root deep into my life and yield loving words and actions in my world.

Reading is not for quitters.

Nana Time with ElevenTimes Infinity

I have just returned from a trip to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, for our eleventh grandchild's baby shower. I'm looking forward to hearing his name, cuddling his small body in my arms and of seeing who he becomes as a man. I hope he grows into a wise and compassionate person. First, of course, he needs to be born. That day is steadily approaching.

This will be the first child for my son and his wife. This is the first grandson for her family. Many people are excited. That is an understatement. At the baby shower I was reminded and amazed again how noisy-loud excited extroverted people can get. I assured my daughter-in-law that I am excited also in my quiet way. "A child is a miracle," I said softly. I suppose an explosion of fireworks at that moment would have been appropriate.

Perhaps I should explain that I express my feelings by tasking fingers to crochet stiches into a colorful blanket or sometimes to weave thoughts, images and feelings into sentences on a blog pos…